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Visas and Residency for UC Tuition Purposes

It is no secret that many immigrants are young students seeking to attend the United States' top universities. Many of these universities are in California, but California universities' out-of-state tuition rates can be prohibitively expensive. What is considered a "resident" for California university tuition purposes has some interplay with immigration laws. This article will explore some of them here, based on the University of California tuition guidelines.

Immigration Consequences for Minor Crimes

Although sometimes the hardest part may be trying to get a visa, it can also be difficult just trying to keep it. Regular, everyday people can sometimes get charged for minor crimes such as DUIs, minor domestic disputes, car accidents, or even minor drug possession charges. This article will discuss what consequences such minor criminal actions can have for someone who is not a U.S. citizen.

Domestic Worker Visa Options

It is not uncommon for many families and business people to bring personal assistants with them while traveling to the United States. These people can be nannies, butlers, maids, cooks, chauffeurs, and others. These domestic workers may come to the United States under a B-1 visa if they and their employer meet certain qualifications.

Special Visa Categories for Canadians

Despite the media attention surrounding immigration from Mexico, it's important to remember that the United States shares a border to the north with Canada as well. Given Canada's proximity to the United States, it is no surprise that there are some special requirements and restrictions for Canadians seeking entry into the United States, even though Canadians can receive status to all of the more common visa categories.

Advanced Parole or H-1B?

It is a stressful, but rewarding, time when a noncitizen finally begins their adjustment of status process to obtain a green card. Not only are many of the visa restrictions lifted, but it also allows for more frequent travel in and out of the United States. This article will explore some of the issues, however, of traveling with a pending I-485 adjustment of status application with USCIS.

Dealing with 221(g) Issues from the Consulate

In this week's article, we explore one common issue that happens to non citizens seeking entry into the United States from abroad. For those non citizens who have received an I-130 or I-140 approval and have a current priority date, many of them have to undergo processing at a U.S. consulate or embassy in their home country. One issue they may run into is a hold under 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
In some ways, an administrative hold under 221(g) of the Act is similar to a Request for Evidence ("RFE") response that USCIS utilizes when a visa petition lacks supporting evidence. The consulate or embassy can use 221(g) to place an administrative hold to request documents related to statements made in the support letter, information made on the USCIS Forms, or for other reasons. For example, some H-1B visa seekers may have to explain projects they have worked on, large spans of unemployment in their work histories, or specific projects they intend to work on for other reasons. In other cases, a 221(g) hold may be placed for medical or criminal reasons.
The first step the noncitizen should do is to seek the advice of a competent immigration attorney, especially for complicated 221(g) issues. The noncitizen should then contact the embassy that issued the 221(g) hold to find out what the exact procedure is to alleviate that hold. Sometimes, this can be resolved mostly through email. Other times, more specific instructions must be followed, such as an interview or awaiting for processing from another government agency. Also, every embassy is different in their procedures and can differ from country by country or
even by local region. It is important that the noncitizen and his or her immigration attorney remain fully informed and work together to resolve the 221(g) issue.

CIR's Renewed Strength

Although it may seem like Comprehensive Immigration Reform ("CIR") has lost some steam, the push for CIR has continued its momentum and, if anything, has picked up more. Silicon Valley's tech companies have recently renewed is support for CIR in the wake of the government shutdown.

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