Visas by Nationality

There are some temporary visas that are available to nationals of specific countries only. While immigrant visas (permanent residence) is generally available to nationals of all countries, nationals of countries with low rates of immigration to the US are eligible to participate in the diversity visa lottery program.

a. Temporary visas

Most temporary visas (work-based and/or family-based) are available to nationals of all countries. However, the following visas are restricted to nationals of specific countries only.

  • TN-1:work visa is available for Canadian nationals only
  • TN-2:work visa is available for Mexican nationals only
  • E-3:work visa is available for Australian nationals only
  • E-1: visa for purposes of conducting trade is available to the nationals of the countries listed in the Federal Register.
  • E-2: visa for purposes of investment is available to the nationals of the countries listed in the Federal Register.

For a list of countries listed in the Federal Register for both E-1 and E-2 visas, click here.

H-2A and H-2B-This work visa is available for nationals of the countries in the Federal register. Currently they are: Argentina, Ecuador, Jamaica, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Australia, El Salvador, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Barbados, Estonia, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Belize, Ethiopia, Latvia, Peru, Spain, Brazil, Fiji, Lithuania, Philippines, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Macedonia, Poland, Tonga, Canada, Haiti, Mexico, Romania, Turkey, Chile, Honduras, Moldova, Samoa, Tuvalu, Costa Rica, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Iceland, Nauru, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Ireland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Uruguay, Israel, Nicaragua, Vanuatu.

H-2B visa may be available for nationals of countries not listed above if it is in United States interest.

b. Permanent visas

All permanent visas (family based or employment based) are available for nationals of all countries. However, the time that it takes to become a permanent resident/immigrate to the US greatly depends upon your nationality. Watch the legal segment on Sitaarre TV that was aired on February 19, 2012 to learn more about how can one immigrate to the US.

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