Each year, thousands of US citizens adopt children from overseas. Intercountry adoption is often a complicated journey. At the Law Office of Sweta Khandelwal, we will work with you through this legally complex and emotionally challenging process and make it smooth and stress-free.

There are three processes for adopting a child internationally.

Two separate processes apply only to children adopted by U.S. citizens. The third process depends upon the country to which the child belongs.

(1) Hague

The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention) refers to an international treaty that provides important safeguards to protect the best interests of children, birth parents and adoptive parents who are involved in intercountry adoptions.

(2) Orphan (Non-Hague)

If the child to be adopted does not reside in a Hague country and is an orphan as defined in immigration law, a US Citizen can still adopt the child and petition to have the adopted child immigrate to the US.

(3) The third process applies to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who may petition for his/her adoptive child through an Immediate Relative Petition. This process may be applicable for those U.S. citizens or LPRs who may wish to adopt a child related to them.

Watch this video explaining the adoption process that was aired on Sitaarre TV as part of their legal segment on April 1st 2012.

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