How to Acquire US Citizenship

US citizenship can be acquired at birth by:

  • birth in the US; or
  • birth to a US citizen parent

Children born on US soil are automatically US citizens, regardless of the legal status of their parents. (An exception to this rule applies to children born on US soil to some foreign diplomats).
Whether a child born abroad is a US citizen will depend on when the child was born, the citizenship of the parents, and how long the US citizen parent resided in the US prior to the birth of the child.
Foreign-born children can also derive US citizenship automatically through adoption by a US citizen parent. Citizenship is derived when the child (under the age of 18) enters the US as an immigrant and the adoption is complete.The process of adopting a foreign-born child is lengthy and complex. At the Law Office of Sweta Khandelwal, we understand that this is an emotional decision and the process need not be overwhelming with the legalities. Contact us if you are seeking to adopt a child from overseas.

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