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New California State Immigration Laws for 2018

The state of California has always been a national hub for immigrants. It has a large coastline and also shares a border with Mexico, so the state has dealt with many immigration issues and specific laws over the years. For the new year of 2018, California has enacted three new immigration laws that have already taken immediate effect.

  1. “Sanctuary state” status: Our blog has already written an article about this new law when it was first introduced, with many more details and researched facts. To recap, this law prohibits state and law enforcement agencies from detaining someone on federal immigration laws. Police are not allowed to ask about someone’s immigration status or arrest them based on their immigration rank.
  2. Landlords cannot report tenants to ICE: Landlords in California are hereby restricted from reporting any of their tenants to ICE, which is the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They cannot do this based on vague suspicion, or from illegal researching on their own time. Landlords also cannot use a tenant’s immigration status to threaten to evict them from the property.
  3. Workplace immigration inspections are limited: Assembly Bill No. 450 has disallowed any California employer from permitting an ICE workplace inspection without an official warrant. Employers also have to inform employees within 72 hours of receiving a federal inspection notice.

These new immigration laws are extremely important for the state of California. They will help keep legal immigrants protected from unnecessary privacy searches, and they will also keep law enforcement in check when it comes to fair and justified immigration standards.

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How Did Trump’s Immigration Policy Affect Los Angeles’ Olympics Bid?

The Olympic games have been the biggest show of international sports for centuries. Whichever city holds the Summer Olympics every four years carries a noble responsibility for their country, and they are expected to represent their country by excelling in each Olympic sport. The United States hasn’t hosted the Summer Olympics since 1996 in Atlanta. Fortunately, three cities including Los Angeles had bid for their Olympic chance for 2024. Unfortunately, Los Angeles lost to Paris, but the City of Angels was rewarded the hosting for 2028 instead.

How Did Immigration Affect This Decision?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who was a key player in the city’s 2024 bid, has spoken out multiple times about the new immigration policy. The executive order prohibited multiple Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, which would make hosting a worldwide international sporting event more difficult. Los Angeles has successfully hosted the games twice before, the last time being in 1984. Since then, however, the process of immigration and acquiring a visa has become increasingly more complicated.

Our country has had a history of banning immigrants for many years now. We’ve been banning Asian immigrant workers since the late 18th century, and since the Syrian conflict we’ve been trying to properly vet people coming out of the turbulent country. We’ve had multiple waves of severe immigrant bans in our country, and we’ve still been able to host the largest international entertainment event numerous times. The city of Los Angeles didn’t let the strict new immigration policy discourage it from attempting to bid for host of the Olympic games.

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